Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Hanuman Kavach Benefits

“From centuries untold, people have been praying toLord Hanuman, with the hope that He would help them with their grief. But when all fails, we turn to Shri Hanuman Kavach which would take us closer to Him so that we are graced in His presence, love and strength.”

Devotion and faith to Lord Hanuman has been present in India since time immemorial as we want to be blessed by Him to conquer our demons in life and emerge as strong and powerful. But do you find constantly yourself in dejection at work, in relationships and in life? People resort to fasting, offerings of milk and flowers and chanting the Chalisa every day but that alone does not always suffice.

Hence, manufacturersbring to you a unique device for your help known as Shri Hanuman Kavach, which will help you regain fortune and happiness once more. Lord Hanuman has been praised in Hindu mythology for his power and courage, along with loyalty for Lord Rama. The Hanuman Chalisa is one of the most recited verses by the Hindu community, comprising forty verses which are sung in His name for a successful and prosperous life.

The contents in the box include a gold-plated pendant with the picture of Panch Mukhi Hanuman and the entire Chalisa engraved upon it in legible and miniature writing, along with an idol of Lord Hanuman and an engraved Raksha Kavach in alloyed metal.The kit also comes with an Authenticity Certificate, lifetime warranty coverage and a 24-carat gold-plated chain free of cost. The Raksha Kavach engraved behind the Kavach wards off evil powers and attracts positive energies towards the person wearing it.

The pendant should preferably be worn on a Tuesday after offering prayers and washing the contents with Gangajal or holy water. Consumers have claimed that the product has boosted their confidence levels and that they looked at life in a more positive way.

The product has been tested by manufacturers and devotees of Lord Hanuman a like and they have claimed it as a magic solution to all their past miseries as they saw its encouraging effects within a few months of adopting it. Even those who were initially skeptical of its healing powers were surprised at the outcomes, and now they have becomepassionate disciples of Lord Hanuman and steadfast users of the Kavach. With staunch devotion and regular prayer, one may soon gain the strength to face their problems with courage and be successful in all their endeavorsdue to the blessings of Lord Hanuman.

Shri Hanuman Kavach does not contain any harmful elements and is recommended for all of any age, profession or background. Its original price is Rs. 5000/- but it can be bought and delivered to all the major cities and towns at a price of Rs. 2899/- from for a guaranteed answer to your prayers.

According to product manufacturers, “Sincerity and devotion is needed for Lord Hanuman’s blessings which often cannot be achieved by conventional methods. Shri Hanuman Kavach helps you defend against negative energy and gives you special powers to face your challenges.”

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