Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Hanuman Chalisa Yantra-Bringing You Closer To God

Lord Hanuman is one of the most loved gods in India especially amongst young men so much so that anyone who is a devotee of lord hanuman is considered to be powerful and honest towards his goals. There are several tales of his bravery and his strength in the mythology that can inspire many to follow his path. He is a devotee of Lord Ram, a protector of ‘Sita ji’ and possesses powers that are unmatched. Keeping his idol and other related items at home and workplace is considered auspicious and expected to bring positivity.  

Hanuman Chalisa Pendant with Gold Plated Chain is one such product that attracts positive vibrations and brings peace and tranquility in and around the place.

It is a renowned fact that orange color is specifically dedicated to the lord in addition to ‘Tuesday’ which is considered as the day of ‘Hanuman ji’. Reciting Hanuman Chalisa brings one closer to the lord who showers his blessings on you in times of joy and grief. The special yantra is a gold plated item with hanuman chalisa inscribed on it and hence, an amazing way to keep the mantra around you so that you can enchant them whenever you want. Also known as hanuman raksha kawach or panchmukhi hanuman yantra, this product comes as a pendent with nano graphic lens attached to it which gives it a really beautiful appearance. Several astrologers and religious leaders swear by the effectiveness of following lord hanuman to develop the traits of strength, selfless service and devotion. The chalisa yantra helps invoke those feelings by simply spreading positive vibes. 

In order to avail lord’s blessing and to get inspired to follow his path, one should definitely install this yantra at home. In India, almost every family has a special place/room dedicated to the devotion of god. People also make small temples inside their homes and keep the idols of various lords and worship them. At a place, where every single move of the nature, whether a birth, death, natural calamity and tragedy is believed to be the miracle of god, where faith in the creator is supreme, the hanuman ji yantra holds a special place.
There are a number of manufacturers and distributors of this special product. Each one of them offers something or the other to make their product different and unique. Since, religious sentiments and beliefs are attached to the product; it is important that one should take care of the yantra and keep it with respect and devotion. 

The plus points of the yantra includes-
  • Easily available online which includes cash on delivery options.
  • A beautiful gold plated pendant for those who love to keep their deity close to their heart
  • Nano Graphics lens attached to the yantra
  • Clearly visible hanuman chalisa encrypted on the product
  • Available in highly affordable prices. Some companies also offer discounts and free gifts which are a bonus.
  • Approval from various religious leaders and astrologers
  • It is believed to spread positivity, ensure safety from negative vibes
Placing Hanuman Chalisa Yantra at your home is a great way to imbibe spirituality in all the family members and bring them closer to the almighty especially kids. The yantra creates such a peaceful atmosphere and calm environment that relaxes you to the core and take your closer to the god. To order the product one should search online for the best distributor and get best prices. However, it is important to make sure that the yantra is genuine and the distributor doesn’t promote superstition amongst consumers. To attract positive vibes and to embrace the devotion towards hanuman ji, order the product now!  

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